Temple of the Dragon God

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Uncaring Gods…

….in an undreamed age beyond memory.

Men and women struggle to survive a world of unchecked evil.

If you liked The Witcher, Conan the Cimmerian, The Rage of Dragons, The Darkness That Comes Before, or The Kingkiller Chronicle, you'll love Temple of the Dragon God.
Alareiks, a broken man with nothing left to lose, embarks on a quest for redemption when he discovers an ancient spell that could bring his son back from the dead.

The former witch-hunter and mercenary turns to the very sorcery he once swore to destroy. 

Accompanied by a cast of unknowing companions, he will soon discover the consequences of tying his fate to dark magic.

Biryeon, the ambitious yet inexperienced adventurer. 

Kashtaa, the bold warrior with a deadly sword and booming laughter. 

And Cardosa, the cunning thief, impulsive thrill-seeker, and unexpected moral compass. 

Together, they will face the savage terrors of a forgotten world.

You’ll be captivated by this thrilling adventure of sorcery, suspense, and redemption.

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